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Thursday, September 15  

movin' on up... 

I've moved. Stop by and say hello.


Wednesday, July 6  

the bartender's name was "al"
72 F  Rain 

Cleveland. I'll never get tired of it. It's my home, and it always will be. It was quite saddening for me to have to board that flight on Monday and leave my family and sacred friends behind. We all take things for granted... all the time. It's relatively impossible not to, but when you're subjected to a situation such as mine, it makes you stop and think. Deeply.

It would've been ludicrous for me to try and sleep on Thursday night, considering I didn't get home until after 1 AM and my flight was to leave at 6:40 AM. Needless to say, that was one of the longest days I've had in the longest time. After a couple naps on Friday, with a lunch nestled inbetween, everyone had arrived at Mom & Dad's for some pizza and quality family time. I finished off the evening in my infamous driveway sharing some col' beer and stories with my father. The evening couldn't have been more enjoyable.

Saturday began with Mom's breakfast, a schedule of bathroom-time and showering, and heading off to Phil's wedding ceremony. It was wonderful to see everyone's face light up as I strolled into the church. I'm just glad lightning didn't strike me down upon entering. The ceremony was perfect, and my cousin couldn't possibly be luckier in finding such a wonderful woman to share his life with... I wish them nothing but the best.

My lifelong BFF and date, Janell, picked me up around 6 PM, and we headed off to the reception. Let's just say that it was unanimous who won the "drunk award." I had a blast to say the least, but I believe making such good friends with the bartenders may not have been the best idea... too many CC's... too many beers... too many inappropriate comments to some of my cousins (long story)... everything in excess. Good times, though!

Sunday was our 4th of July barbeque at Mom & Dad's. Once again, it was amazing to sit and talk with everyone. I caught quite a bit of grief about my Southern draaaawl, but there wasn't much I could do about that. It tends to surface in conjunction with my consumption of Bud Lights. All in all, it was a perfect trip, and I can't wait to do it again. Unfortunately, the next time I'm making my way into C-Town, there'll probably be about 13 inches of snow of the ground... UGH!

So, to all my family and friends, thanks for remembering me! I miss y'all already...


Wednesday, June 22  

don't mess around with jim
75 F  Cloudy 

You don't tug on Superman's cape. (Just some friendly advice from Mr. Jim Croce)

Dayton, Ohio was the destination this past weekend, and it was MUCH needed for my morale of late! My family and I conspired to surprise my dad for Father's Day - it was brilliant. We arrived the night before, and when he pulled into my sister's driveway on Saturday afternoon, Moxon and I hid around the side of the house. Dad took a seat on their deck, and I slowly walked up behind him and asked my brother-in-law, "Hey Chris, you got anymore of that col' beer in the garage?!"

Needless to say, my dad did a double-take and couldn't believe the excitement. It was truly a great moment, although short-lived considering it was only for a day. We played some football and threw around the frisbee, ate some fatty steaks with Texas toast on the grill, and drank many cold Bud Lights. In the evening, Lindsey and I wandered up the road to some college dive bar and shot pool for a couple hours. To our dismay (yeah, right!!), they couldn't locate our tab by the end of the evening, so the bartender said to us... "I guess you don't have to pay." (He wasn't kidding... so I didn't either as I headed for the door). We ended up having a great time, but it just gets so frustrating winning so many consecutive billiard games... the competition was pretty weak in Dayton! ;)

Anyway, Kelly Clarkson is singing about tears and her hazel eyes or something... so I'm gonna get going. Don't spit in the wind, either.


Saturday, June 11  

saturday night's all right for yoda
84 F  Drizzle 

After a long week at work, Saturdays are brilliant, aren't they?! I just love them. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy today, so I couldn't enjoy any sunshine at the pool, but it's still been a great day regardless. Woke up, played with the dog, took my buddy Brian to work, went grocery shopping, marinated some steaks for tomorrow, and now I'm gearing up to catch a quick shower and go see Star Wars with my friend, Lindsey. Afterwards, I'm sure we'll head over to Blue Chips to shoot some stick and down some Bud Lights, considering I'm not playing anywhere tonight.

I got an email today about my 10-year high school reunion. Wow... has it been that long?! It'll be wonderful to see everyone after all these years - it'd be nice to score with a girlie that I couldn't actually "get" in high school! What?! Like I have any game now?! Whatever. They're all married now anyway. Hopefully I can afford to fly.

I think it's time for my shower, people. My skin is peeling off as we speak (or as you read this, rather). Have a great Saturday. Out.


Thursday, June 9  

i don't like bees, but they are busy
78 F  Sunny 

This first full week of June has been quite productive for me. I've been keeping extremely busy with Indyfore lately, and it's really been quite gratifying. I had a lunch meeting yesterday at Charlie Pepper's with a band called, "StillShine." I will be designing their website, press kits, marketing collateral, and overall image. Indyfore apparently came highly recommended to them, and the guys seemed to honestly appreciate my artistic vision and knowledge of the music industry.

Currently, I am uploading streaming audio so Brendon James Wright, a client and dear friend who is currently embarking on some amazing adventures in Tuscany, can listen to his latest studio recordings on the opposite side of the globe. How cool is that?! (If you haven't done so yet, be sure and check out his website. We've been working so hard on pushing his music and expanding his fanbase. In an amazing feat, Brendon went to #1 on the "Alternative Country" charts last week! I like to think that my hard work helped make that happen! Congratulations, Brendon!)

So, I'm now diligently working with four amazing musicians/bands, and I couldn't be happier with the way this thing is spreading around town. Word of mouth is an amazing thing! There are quite a few other local talents that have approached me in bars or via email requesting information about Indyfore. My work load is pretty full right now, considering I do have other responsibilities as well, but it's definitely nice to put some projects on the backlog, ya know?!

On a personal note, thank you so much to everyone for the kind words about my latest demo recording. I don't usually share these recordings with anyone considering they are so scrappy and unpolished, but some of you seem to like them that way, so maybe I should just get over myself and continue to share. On a recording, a sober listener can't help but notice the most minor of mistakes, and I'm too much of a perfectionist, so understand that I'm REALLY putting myself out there in sharing this kind of stuff... Glad you liked it, though. It was a very easy song to write - considering I lived it, and in some respects, I still am.


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